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Glenlyon Norfolk School
Pemberton Woods Proposed Campus Plan.

Imagine a campus alive with the buzz of student discovery, where learning is an adventure in every space. Here, well-being and imagination take centre stage, fostering a sense of belonging and possibility. This is where journeys begin, where connections are made and where our community comes together to celebrate the joy of learning and growth.

Over the course of the engagement series more than 200 unique comments were recorded, each of which was carefully considered for implementation. Those that had merit were included within each design iteration.

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The Details.

The proposed long-term plan for the school includes the addition of a new Middle School with 11 classrooms, Townhouse Style Housing, Commons, Library, Dining Hall, field viewing for a full size turf, as well as Visual and Performing Arts and Design and Technology classrooms and a building designated for Administration and Staff.



Picture classrooms permeated in natural light, where glass allows the outside in and symbolizes our open and diverse approach to education. The design of our campus extends to flexible learning environments and specialized areas that adapt to the needs of our students and faculty. These areas are crafted to encourage dynamic interaction, collaborative projects and quiet reflection, all within steps of each other. Versatile multi-purpose rooms adaptable to various learning activities and community needs ensure our facilities can keep pace with educational trends and community expectations. This holistic approach shows that our school is not only a place of learning but a thriving community centre that welcomes everyone.



Central to our athletic spirit is the new double-sized gym, a dynamic space for sports, assemblies and community gatherings, promoting wellness and unity. It stands as a symbol of our commitment to holistic education—where minds and bodies are equally nurtured. A sunken yet full size playing turf field keeps the sounds of teamwork and triumph within the fully fenced area where spectators watch from built-in bleachers.


Green Space

Key features include gardens as outdoor classrooms and communal gathering spots, expansive open fields suitable for school and community events and interconnected pathways that make it easy for everyone—students, staff and neighbours—to engage with nature on a daily basis. Through a commitment to sustainable development, green roofs provide serene overhead canopies, while buffer zones ensure that the campus breathes together with the surrounding environment. The PW Renewal includes the planting of new trees and the creation of landscaped areas that increase biodiversity and complement the existing topography and natural features of the area, ensuring that our campus feels like an integral part of the neighbourhood.

GNS-SOUTH PATH-01A_edited.jpg


An important part of our renewal journey is the integration of a network of communal places that extend a warm invitation to interaction. Our multi-modal pathway and green corridors form the arteries of the campus, promoting a healthy flow of ideas, people and nature. Lined with native plants and trees, these pathways create a lush, inviting landscape that supports local wildlife and provides year-round beauty.

GNS-SOUTH-VIEW-04B - Less Cars_edited.jpg


We want to make choosing sustainable means of transportation easy for everyone by offering secure bike storage and accessible end-of-trip facilities, including showers and change rooms for those with longer commutes. The new traffic plan is designed with our community in mind, featuring extensive underground parking and a streamlined pick-up/drop-off loop on Richmond to reduce vehicle presence. A textured one-way corridor that exits onto Richardson makes way for a more pedestrian-centric, bike-friendly atmosphere.



As part of the PW Renewal, we are excited to introduce new housing options designed to embody the character of the Gonzales neighbourhood and offering a range of living spaces from cozy one-bedroom units to spacious three-bedroom townhomes. These residences are created with sustainability in mind, providing opportunities for families and individuals to live and work within a thriving neighbourhood.

Construction Phasing Plan.

Looking ahead to the next 100 years, it's important to understand that the progression of the Campus Renewal will be guided by two pivotal elements: our school’s program priorities and minimizing disruption to both students and the local community. With this approach, each phase of construction will culminate in a harmonious and functional resting state, ensuring a seamless continuation of operations. These interim milestones won't just be placeholders; they'll be designed to enhance the student experience and enrich the surrounding environment. So, while the ultimate vision may take years to fully realize, each stage will be a purposeful step forward, with its own beauty and functionality, enriching campus life and the community in the process.













  1. Science Labs

  2. Senior School Classrooms

  3. Learning Strategies

  4. Athletic Centre

  5. Underground Parking

  6. Pick Up/Drop Off Loop

  7. Multi-Modal Corridor


  1. Flexible Outdoor Amenity

  2. Full Size Basketball Court

  3. Amphitheatre & Seating

  4. Partial Field & Bleachers

Untitled design (20).png

Our Vision.

To renew the GNS Pemberton Woods Campus with the necessary resources and infrastructure to create a thriving, vibrant learning environment where a mix of people, culture, and nature come together to create a safe, healthy, and sustainable community.

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