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Event 3
Engagement Activity.
We invite you to take part in our survey to share your insights on the aspects of our campus designs that resonate with you, as well as any areas you feel need improvement. Additionally, we'd love to hear if there's a particular community amenity space you'd like to see included.
What is your relationship with GNS PW Campus?
Move the Turf

The field is moved to the east side of the campus site along Maddison, with a field house placed central to the field. Housing is shown at the northern end of the site between Maddison and Bank. A one way pickup and drop-off loop is accommodated off of Richmond, with the addition of a one-way street onto Richardson with perpendicular at-grade parking spaces. The concept also has underground parking being accessed at the north-west corner.

GNS Site Plan - Move the Turf.jpg
What community amenity space interests you? 

Your answers have been received! Thank you for taking the time to participate and share your insights.

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