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Open House and CALUC Update

GNS recently hosted two community open houses on Wednesday, May 15, and Wednesday, May 22. Each event featured aa series of informational posters detailing the engagement process and the proposed final plan for the Pemberton Woods Campus Renewal. Over 30 attendees had the opportunity to explore the displays and engage with GNS staff and consultants specializing in zoning, traffic, architecture, landscaping, and community relations.

Download and view the posters:

Boards for Community Open Houses_May 15 and 22
Download PDF • 97.07MB

Key Themes that arose at the open houses:





CALUC Presentation

GNS presented to the Fairfield Gonzales CALUC at 1330 Fairfield Road on May 27th at 7 PM. Chad Holtem, Head of School, spoke about GNS's vision and the process that brought them to this point. He thanked the community for their continued feedback and support before handing it off to the architects, who presented the details of the proposed plan. Following the presentation, the community was invited to ask questions and participate in shaping the future of our campus.

Download and view the CALUC presentation:

FGCA CALUC Presentation_May 27 2024
Download PDF • 133.70MB


The community's feedback reflected a strong desire for transparency, safety, and environmental consideration as the school progresses with its campus renewal plans. The PW Renewal team addressed these concerns, demonstrating a commitment to minimizing disruption and maintaining a positive relationship with the neighbourhood. While the general response was mixed, many residents appreciated the thoughtful design and potential community benefits, albeit with cautious optimism regarding potential disruptions and environmental impacts.

Key Themes that arose at the CALUC:

Construction Impact: Neighbours were worried about the impact of the school's construction on traffic patterns, noise levels, and overall community disruption.

Traffic and Safety: Safety along Richmond Avenue, heavily used by seniors, was a major concern. Questions were raised about the size limitations of the parkade.

Design and Aesthetics: Many community members appreciated the thoughtful design elements that aimed to blend the new school with the existing neighbourhood architecture.

Community Benefits: The idea of having new recreational areas, event spaces, and after-hours programs was positively received. Residents expressed enthusiasm about the potential for increased community engagement and access to new facilities. It was also noted that the removal of the turf was potentially taking away a community asset.

Trust and Accountability: Skepticism due to past unfulfilled promises was a recurring theme. Neighbours questioned how current promises would be ensured.

Environmental Impact:Neighbours raised concerns about sustainability practices and the environmental impact of the construction.

Field Usage and Lighting: Opposition to lighting the field was clearly communicated.


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