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An Overview of our Fourth & Fifth Events

In late September, GNS participated in two important meetings with the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association (FGCA) and the Gonzales Neighbourhood Association (GNA). These sessions allowed us to present our ongoing project, emphasizing our commitment to transparency and community involvement, and to engage in constructive dialogue. Chrissy Raniseth led a presentation summarizing our project's milestones, design evolution, feedback synthesis, and the selection of the most well-received design approach, with a particular focus on addressing community traffic concerns.

The FGCA Neighbourhood Improvement Committee stated that they welcome community members to submit their concerns as it relates to traffic through their website.

The architects and landscape architects then delved into the 'Move the Turf' concept, exploring its development considering various design factors. These enlightening discussions were followed by a vibrant community conversation, demonstrating the collaborative essence of the Pemberton Woods Campus project. For more detailed insights, please review the report from both meetings.

View the Presentation slides below:

PW Renewal Sep 25 Presentation
Download PDF • 23.22MB

Do you have questions about this event or the engagement process in general? Do you have specific comments or concerns that were not captured here? Please contact us at Thanks again for being an integral part of the PW Renewal Project!

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