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Results of our Second Event: Day 1

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

We are thrilled to share the outcomes of our recent workshop, where we had the privilege of engaging with students, faculty, staff, parents, neighbours and alumni. The ideas, feedback and insights gathered over the weekend have been invaluable in helping us understand your wants and needs for the campus renewal project, and will be evaluated over the coming weeks to ensure alignment with GNS's long-term needs.


Day one of the workshop commenced with a welcome and territorial acknowledgment from Shannon Drew, Associate Director of Community Engagement. Shannon was followed by Head of School, Chad Holtum, who emphasized the significance of inclusivity and collaboration in the project's multi-decade plan. Chad acknowledged the inherent challenges of operating schools in an established residential neighbourhood and spoke to the ideas we have heard from the community to date.

To set the stage for the design charrette, the three consultant teams were introduced and each gave a presentation: Neighbour Lab, Cascadia Architects and PWL Partnership (landscape architects). These experts provided valuable insights into creating great learning spaces, enhancing our streetscapes and fostering a strong sense of community. Their presentations laid the foundation for an engaging and inclusive discussion with our participants, promoting a spirit of cooperation and creativity to shape the future of the PW Campus.

Neighbour Lab’s Leah engaged the audience in an interactive discussion about social infrastructure and community resilience, highlighting how the built environment plays a crucial role in impacting the well-being and opportunities for social connections.

Cascadia Architects spoke about how to create great spaces for learning that are inclusive, sustainable, resilient and supportive. Their shared examples highlighted classrooms with natural light, flexible collaborative spaces and nurturing environments. The aim is to provide spaces that cater to a range of learning styles and foster a healthy and positive educational experience.

PWL Partnership, landscape architects, presented a vision for the streetscape and shared spaces aiming to accommodate various users and effectively utilize the campus edges. Their partnership with the community and gathering ideas from both local and global sources exemplified the collective effort in creating an environment that promotes well-being, playfulness and a sense of connection.

Download the presentation slides and speaker notes below:

Presentations-Campus Renewal Design Workshop
Download PDF • 34.16MB

Design Charrette:

During the session, participants were divided into six groups to explore essential topics for the new campus design. Engaging in dynamic discussions, they moved organically between tables every 25 minutes. Professional facilitators took notes, arranged site plans, mapped traffic flow and illustrated landscape and architectural elements during each group discussion. At the session's conclusion, each facilitator presented a five minute summary of the diverse perspectives of the six groups.

Missed the Workshop? Tell us your ideas here!

The Results:

Neighbour Lab has compiled the event notes, photos, and illustrations into a concise, reader friendly infographic, capturing the essence of ideas and themes discussed during the first day of the two-day workshop. Combined with the first event's infographic, these resources will significantly influence the PW Renewal Plan. That said, please keep in mind that GNS cannot promise every suggested amenity or element for the campus. We acknowledge the dynamic planning process and will thoroughly assess all options, considering factors like security, budget, space availability and municipal requirements. Your creative suggestions have inspired us, and each idea will be thoughtfully evaluated to create a sustainable and functional space for the community. Our dedicated team will diligently analyze the feedback as we continue shaping the future of our campus.

Our Commitment:

We wish to be clear and transparent that your input is crucial to us, however it is not realistic for us to commit to providing every amenity or element brought up at these sessions. Even within unique stakeholder groups there are discrepancies and contradicting opinions. There are many factors to be considered, including security, budget constraints, available space and compliance with municipal requirements. Ultimately, these will guide crafting the final campus renewal plan together with our community.

We understand that you may have envisioned various elements, such as public circulation, rooftop gardens and specific setbacks, among others. Your creative proposals have certainly sparked inspiration, and we assure you that each idea will be thoughtfully evaluated. We are committed to building a sustainable and functional space that serves the entire community while respecting the feasibility of implementation.

Our dedicated team will analyze the feedback and explore the impact of each suggestion as we continue shaping the future of our campus. Throughout this journey, we will keep you informed and involved, providing updates on the evolving design and incorporating your valuable input.

Once again, thank you for being an integral part of this process. Together, we will create a renewed campus that stands as a testament to our shared values and aspirations. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we move forward on this exciting project.

We look forward to seeing you on August 17 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at St. Matthias Anglican Church for Meeting #3: Presenting the Emerging Ideas.

To learn more about the session, or to RSVP, click here.

Do you have questions about this event or the engagement process in general? Do you have specific comments or concerns that were not captured here? Please contact us at Thanks again for being an integral part of the PW Renewal Project!


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