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Results of our Third Event

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

At our latest event, we gathered to provide an update on our ongoing PW Renewal community engagement journey and unveil the two latest concepts of the PW Campus design. Kicking off the session, Chrissy Raniseth, Chief Financial and Operations Officer, illuminated our progress in the pursuit of a design that resonates with a wide range of perspectives. With the stage set, we handed the reins over to Cascadia Architects, who delved into the intricate evolution of the two designs. With anticipation building, the room was divided into two smaller groups, offering everyone an opportunity to intimately engage with the intricate drawings and concepts, ask questions and contribute valuable feedback.

View the Presentation slides and speaking notes here:

Meeting #3 - Presenting the Emerging Ideas
Download PDF • 21.25MB

Closing remarks were provided by Shannon Drew, Associate Director of Community Engagement, who stepped forward to express heartfelt gratitude to everyone present. She emphasized that GNS is dedicated to running an engagement process that is both effective and inclusive, driven by collaboration. Underscoring the overarching objective, Shannon reiterated the collective aim: to address ongoing concerns and shape a campus that resonates with everyone's aspirations.

Your input remains crucial in this endeavour. We encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts on the two new concepts by participating in our survey this month. Your feedback matters immensely, and by clicking the button below, you can access the survey and contribute your insights. The active engagement demonstrated online has been greatly appreciated, and we look forward to seeing even higher levels of participation this month.

For deeper insight into the development of the two concepts and the journey that led us here, the report below offers comprehensive details. We encourage you to peruse this report before completing the survey, as it provides valuable context to help effectively inform your responses.

Once again, we ask that you let us know which aspects of the two concepts you like and dislike. Take part in our online activity by clicking the button below!

Do you have questions about this event or the engagement process in general? Do you have specific comments or concerns that were not captured here? Please contact us at Thanks again for being an integral part of the PW Renewal Project!


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